MHP Holdings, LLC is a Denver Colorado based real estate holding and consulting company focused on the Mobile Home Park sector. Founded by Jim Johnson in conjunction with the other Real Estate companies that serve the real estate field as a whole. MHP Holdings, LLC has ownership and operations in several states, consults on the purchase, negotiation, due diligence, operations and sales of Mobile Home Communities.

Jim Johnson is the founder of MHP Holdings and is very active in the Mobile Home Park business. Living in Westminster Colorado, Jim has vast real estate experience. Jim has been managing real estate investment for over 15 years, and now operates in 4 states.

While MHP Holdings, LLC is actively seeking communities to purchase in every state, it also welcomes the submitting of communities for sale or in need of a new operational solution. As a company focused on creatively solving problems, it also has created several ways for owners to capitalize on its relationship with MHP Holdings, LLC. While it does not passively invest, it offers several active investing options for owners from the traditional sale, to one that creates continued income through a sale, or through a lease options and finally partnerships. These options are outlined in detail by following the corresponding links on this web site. 

As consultants we can help construct offers to purchase along with the  necessary due diligence to back up the offers. MHP Holdings, LLC can also present the offers on your behalf, consult during the onsite due diligence period and then construct and present the Inspection / Objection addendum, and negotiate these items. To learn more about the qualifications of this service see the corresponding links on this web site, and also read on Jim Johnson's personal qualifications concerning these matters. 

MHP Holdings, LLC has no canned solutions to any situation. No set way we do things, or box a situation has to fit in. We will custom fit a solution to your situation so that your exit strategy is the right, long term option for you. In this changing economy,  ever changing tax implication moving target of situations being able to adapt all of our solutions on the fly has allowed our Mobile Home Park purchases to create a win - win environment for MHP Holdings, LLC and the sellers.